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November 4, 2012


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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 8:33 PM
Skin by NorthBlue

Let me start this off by saying that I love nudity.  I especially love female nudity.  I think that there is probably no better art form than the female body.  I befriend dozens of nude models and photographers of nude models here in dA.  I believe that there is a line; however, to where nudity (especially here in dA) can be used for purposes other than art.  I don't think that pictures that border on the pornographic have any place here in this community.  Some argue that you can interpret what is and isn't an art form, but who is to say what is right and wrong? I always reply that I can walk up and slap someone in the face and blame the act on it being art.  I still think the person being slapped is going to vehemently disagree.  Let me show you a few photos from the community that are what I think is artistic nudes.  

It is just my opinion, but the above set of pictures are what I consider artistic nudes.  Now the below set of pictures should demonstrate what I am talking about when it comes to pictures that stop being artistic and border on the pornographic.  

It is baffling to me how deviantART allows children to be a part of this community, and will allow the slimy works you see here.  I know there is a bloody parental guidance button or setting, but not all children are dumb and they can find out how to get past it.  I just think it is disgusting that they allow some of the stuff that they do.  This is the big reason that I haven't let either of my daughters have an account here yet.  I wish deviantART would strengthen its standards and get rid of pictures that are not art and just plain pornographic or sexual in nature.  
Just yesterday I had to chastise a new deviant for using a nude picture for an avatar! I turned them in to deviantART and the avatar was changed.  I would like to finish by saying sorry to my younger watchers, and I hope you have your parental settings on :lol: I promise not to post nudes on my front page any more.  Just wanted to make a point...

My continued prayers to my friends Lil,  Chas, Linda Jayne, Tammara, Thelma, Candy, and Shell :pray:

To my friends and watchers I wish you a wonderful and prosperous week ahead... :icontimmy64plz:

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mixdouble Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
saw a link on Canan's page to here...
Let me make a statement:

"There are no borders...
only humans...
where the humans make a border...
there it is"...

Art is defined different at all times in all cultures...
Nude likewise...
even Concern differs...!

You are missing quality and clarity...
So: Define first:
You feeling punished by a lack of “clear” laws concerning nude/porn...
does not give you any right to punish (back)...

I guess you want to improve DA…and your Society…
Remember you are also a teacher here…
Other people will listen and they will learn…
How do you do you½…?
I am a grown up…I am set…many others are not…
Do you want us to think for ourselves…
Or do you want to dictate…

For me you can bee "nude"( honest) in your comments...and or "rude"...
it is your choice...your expression...your art...
and mine to recieve or reject it...
Yes...even commenting is an art form...!

There are two kinds of law:
where you are innocent until proven guilty...
and Traffic...
where you are guilty until proven Not guilty...

Many people raise themselves...
only by the latter in their daily life:

Traffic law makes a poor society of: "Don't get caught"...!

Moral and Ethics are based on the civil system...!
1: Making laws...
2: Judging...
3: Upholding the law...

DA is American...
There is a GREAT confusion between:
Art Police...
Art judges...
and Art law makers...

Most of the people you see here on DA are:

Art police(appointed by themselves)...
making their own personal laws...
and judging you on the spot...
no trial...!

2 concerned people...does not make it 2 times more concerned...
it is called mobbing...

I have a definition…it is now for you to ponder:


Greetings Jakob.
DragonsChest Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Professional Writer
I like where you say that even commenting is an art form, which is akin to my description of slapping someone silly and calling it art. I would bet you that the person being slapped will disagree. I have stated that I have no problem with nudity and art. I love most nude art. I think that a line is crossed when a ten year old girl turns on the computer and is greeted by a big gaping vagina. Sorry sir, but that is that. I do not police nor mob anybody here in dA. None of the pictures that I posted as examples of crossing the line were never commented on by me, turned in to dA by me, and certainly not favorited by me. I do not bug anybody here whether their art is over the top or not! Now there are a few idiots who try and get by with using avatars with nudity in them, and that is strictly forbidden by dA. Sure other cultures have different social morays and folkways when concerning sex and nudity, but most all civilized societies would never expose a child to it!
Thank you kindly for your point of view, and I wish you well...

Orkideh84 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Agreed, snapshots are hardly artistic and too many times, many nude pictures are very close into pornography....
DragonsChest Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Professional Writer
I have no problem with some nudity in pictures or artwork. I think my concern lies with the fact that thousands of children have accounts on this site, and to allow pictures of a sexual nature is not what I would think is good for a child. Thanks for your input...
Canankk Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Please check my poll [link] :love:
DragonsChest Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Professional Writer
Going to it right now... :excited:
floriaiglenoir Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist
..I am agreeing totally with Your sayings about this subject,David:iconlovenodplz:I think there's a big difference between Art Nude and Pornography,I have benn really shocked sometimes,to "stumble"on obscene photos,that have REALLY nothing to do with Art,and I think,they should be banned from this site.:iconthatsrightplz:
DragonsChest Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Professional Writer
Yes, it is a shame that deviantART seems to tolerate this stuff! O well :shrug:
floriaiglenoir Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist
...not only a shame,but scandalous,in certain cases,and I "mesure my words",dear David!:phew:
Canankk Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
I totally agree with you dear David :nod: :heart:
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